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    Astronomia Sky Box
    Advanced Packaging for Jacob&Co

    At the beginning of 2017, we have been asked to design the new box of Jacob&Co Astronomia Sky Tourbillon watch. What comes out is an advanced packaging designed by taking inspiration from astronomic observatories. As Astronomia Tourbillon, this object brings the enchantment of the Universe to our hands.

    The Nebula Effect


    The project provided a spherical box that contains the light in itself using fibre optics and prisms to produce beams of light when opened, creating an installation that combined the external environment with the internal one, light with darkness and the tangible with the intangible. The light effect can also be changeable using enlightened surfaces that are sensitive to touch, to evoke a mood change or emotion while opening the Astronomia box.

    A Sensory Experience


    Packaging has a soft, glowing quality, with translucent materials that create light refractions effects. The lid is made of a translucent micropore material that displays a game of contrasts between light and darkness and reveals hidden gradations of Astronomia metallic colours. A light play and the opening of the lid is activated only when the owner touches the side of the sphere with his hands. The fascination of light movements is used to create a more interactive relationship with the viewer.

    DESIGN |

    Client: Jacob&Co

    Design Direction

    Dates: Jan 2017 | Feb 2018

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