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    Giugiaro Parcour Show Car | Bag Project

    In 2013 Italdesign Giugiaro celebrated 45 years in business by presenting in Geneva the Parcour, a type of GT car, based on the original concept of a Sport Utility Vehicle. Two different kinds of leather bags have been designed to fit in the compartments of this concept car.

    Integrated Bags


    Three bags could perfectly fit in the compartment obtained behind the two seats and more inside the boot of the show car. This integrated results came from a refined research and different steps of modeling and prototyping. Designed to fulfill the evolution of the boot concept these bags became a set of functional, versatile and modular products, able to satisfy the new requirements of traveling.

    Performant Materials


    Exclusive materials were chosen to shape the sportive and modern design language of Giugiaro Parcour bags. Intelligent partitions with waterproof high-quality metal zippers to ensure organization and performance. A selected leather in two colors, black and white, is enriched by contrasting stitching and details to give the shape to a free time backpack bag and a smaller shoulder beauty bag.

    Images courtesy of Giugiaro (

    DESIGN |

    Client: Italdesign Giugiaro

    Design Direction
    Realized with :
     Studio Borromeo & De Silva / E. Alvarez

    Dates: Mar 2013

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