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    Sartoria D'Ambrosio | Gift Box

    Sartoria D’Ambrosio is a traditional Italian atelier specialized in men’s tailored clothing, one of the ultimate reference in Italy for tailors profession. In 2017, this exclusive boutique, asked Corrente Studio to design a gift box to be given to its best clients all over the world.

    The Tailored Box


    Representing the boutique to its clients, this exclusive packaging was targeted as a luxury gift and designed to an audience with both traditional and contemporary tastes.The packaging needed to be aspirational and refined without being overly ostentatious or brash.

    Signed for One-Time


    As a result, a beautiful box was designed: hand-finished in an elegant, muted color palette of blue fabric and paper, combined with flashes of pale gold foil for a contemporary edge. When opened it contains a special book presenting the atelier and its clothes and a memorable present to wear, personally chosen for each client by the master tailor and owner, Lillo D’Ambrosio. An hand-signed card is added to the box to draw attention and to improve memorability and brand recognition amongst well-known and potential customers.

    Images of Georg Roske, courtesy of Sartoria D’Ambrosio (

    DESIGN |

    Client: Sartoria D’Ambrosio

    Design Direction

    Dates: Mar 2017 | May 2017

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